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Here are the top ten articles for the Cycling Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Warm Showers
For cyclotourists on a budget, as most of us are, finding inexpensive places to sleep can be one of the hardest parts of the trip. The generous members of Warm Showers may be able to help you out.

2. Hey Mom, Can I Ride My Bike Across America?
Five kids, two adults and nearly 5,000 miles add up to a fantastic journey across America in John Seigel Boettner’s Hey Mom, Can I Ride My Bike Across America?

3. Cool Weather Cycling Clothes
Bicycle riding in cooler weather requires paying special to the clothing you wear in order to remain comfortable and avoid frostbite. This article provides an overview of how to dress for cooler weather.

4. History of the Tour de France
It’s been 107 years since the first Tour de France, and the race shows no signs of slowing down. Read on for more information about the beginnings of this great race, as well as highlights from the years.

5. Introduction to Mountain Biking – The Basics
Are you considering getting off the beaten path on your bike? Read on to learn the basics about mountain biking, a sport designed to get you into the great outdoors.

6. Bicycle Size and Fit
It’s very important that your bicycle fits you properly in order to ride comfortably, safely and without hurting yourself. This article provides information on choosing the right size bicycle for you and making sure it fits you properly.

7. To Clip or Not to Clip
Are you interested in maximizing your cycling power? Consider switching to toe clips or clipless pedals. Read on for more information and confidence building tips.

8. Maintaining Bicycle Rim Brakes
As the wind whistles in your ears on a well-earned downhill, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your brakes will work when you need them. Proper care and maintenance of your rim brakes should allow you to sail on worry free.

9. Bicycle Passing Signals
While there may not be laws mandating it, signaling that you’re going to pass someone while riding your bicycle is simply courteous. Here are some ways to signal your intent.

10. Fireweed 400 Bicycle Race
Imagine pedaling your way across 400 miles of Alaska, enjoying some of the finest scenery, encountering wildlife, and seeing few cars. Now imagine doing all this in less than 24 hours. Welcome to the Fireweed 400, Alaska’s longest bicycle race.

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